Bathroom Vanities without Tops

Double Bathroom Vanities Without Tops

Bathroom Vanities without Tops

Bathroom vanities without tops – A bathroom vanity includes faucet, sink, stove and cabinet under the sink. Ask for help to lift the vanity when installed in the cabinet, as they are usually very heavy stone. Measure the height and width of the new vanity with a tape measure. Measure the same height and width of the wall where you want the vanity, so it has a scheme where the vanity will. Use a stud finder to locate wall studs within the measured area. Mark the location of the posts. Measure the distance between the marks you made ​​in the plumbing pipes coming out of the wall. If your vanity is not without supporting, measuring the same distances in the back of the vanity and cut out the back with a puzzle is good, so that the tubes are adjusted through the back.

Place the new bathroom vanities without tops on a flat surface with the heat sink upwards. Fill the slots in the back plate of the new putty with plumber’s putty key and press the faucet hole in the sink. Press the cover plate on the plate putty, and then pass the lines and tap water through the faucet hole. Tilt the top of the vanity of his side so you can access the water lines. Slide the metal washer on the faucet in the water lines and ensure the washer with a long nut. Bolt tailpiece pipe plumber on the belt so the emerging points toward the rear of the vanity top hole. Install pop-up stopper lever and the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which will vary.

Discount Bathroom Vanities Without Tops

Lower the bathroom vanities without tops in place against the wall, following the marks you made ​​earlier. Hold a level against the back and sides of the vanity to make sure it is level. If not, insert wood shims under the dressing until it is level. Secure the vanity inserting wood screws through vanity and marked studs. Use an electric drill to insert the screws. Place a layer of silicone sealer along the top edge of the vanity and lower the vanity top in place. Press firmly vanity top in the silicone sealant. Under the sink, place the p-trap to the tailpiece of the sink tighten the nut of p-trap. Connect the water supply lines to the faucet hot and cold water. Put a layer of silicone sealer along the top of the vanity, where it meets the wall. Run a damp sponge over the sink drain and tap to remove excess putty. Cut off any excess wood wedge with a knife.

Bathroom Vanities without Tops

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Custom Bathroom Vanities Without Tops

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