How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

How To Tile A Bathroom Floor

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

How to tile stone a bathroom floor – Options for the bathroom floor can seem endless, but for a floor design described by the World Association of flooring as timeless and practical, some owners choose natural stone tiles. Stone tile bathroom offers a rustic look that is durable and relatively low maintenance. These stones are heavy and difficult to install yourself, but with proper planning and patience that can transform the look of your bathroom. Clean the floor to remove all contaminants. Sweep or vacuum and then wipe the surface with mineral spirits or a similar solvent cleaner to remove any wax, oil, paint or other accumulations. Let the floor dry thoroughly before proceeding.

Measure the center of each wall and make a mark for how to tile a bathroom floor with natural stone. Draw a chalk line between the center points of opposite walls, creating a sign in his apartment. The point where these two lines intersect is the center of the room. Place your chips without any adhesive. Start in the middle of the room and lay the tile in the corner. Place the filling along the center line and center, until you put so many notes as possible. If necessary, use spacers to maintain even joint between the tiles. Measure the tiles that you need to cut the border tiles. Place the tile on the wall down. Trace a pencil line on the back of the tile where the nearest whole tile is crossed. Be sure to include joint space in this measurement. Repeat with all frontier discs.

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Wear gloves and eye protection when cutting stones tile a bathroom floor. Use a diamond wheel of 10 inches in a wet saw to cut along the marked lines. When the tile is cut, use a handheld grinding stone to smooth the cut edges, eliminating the sharp points. Check the fit of all cuts and make the necessary adjustments stones. Remove all the tiles laid dry once you have the final adjustment pattern. Mix adhesive thin layer mortar tiles and additives as indicated by the product specifications. Use a notched trowel to spread a layer of glue over an area of ​​five to six feet in front of you. Using the palette, a layer of glue spread on the back of each tile, then press firmly into the glue on the floor. The glue will join together, holding the stone firmly in place. Continue installing, adding more glue to the floor if necessary.

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

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