Tiles for Bathroom Floor

Tiles For Bathroom Floor And Shower

Tiles for Bathroom Floor

To choose between different tiles for bathroom floor, think about if you have the same characteristics of the rest of the floor of the house, you will see beautiful, Is it dirty or clean, How long will be resistant, Moisture, Is it cold or hot for bare feet when we walk, etc. On the floor to the bathroom, the difficulty main thing to keep in mind must be the humidity, and it must resist the humidity well and the problems it generates. Then talk about types of tiles for bathroom floor.

Land for marble or granite bath is an excellent choice for your work or reform tiles for bathroom floor. Granite and marble are natural stones and like the granite countertops and marble countertops moisture does not penetrate them. They are very durable and resistant. Lomography you a unique and exclusive bathroom. In touch with your feet get cold but pleasant feeling. You should be placed or installed by a professional with thin layer technique, because if it is not placed well, it should be a real luxury bathroom can end up in a complete botch. Only has the disadvantage that it is quite expensive and also its placement is also less expensive than other materials such as ceramics.

Tile For Bathroom Floors Non Slip

Bath Floor Gres or porcelain tile stoneware is without doubt the best choice of your tiles for bathroom floor. For nothing enters humidity, is very durable, has excellent quality when touch his feet as we walk much barefoot on these. Land prices of bricks for the bathroom is not very expensive, you can be found Gres porcelain tile stoneware or about EUR 10 per square meter to you approximate price and it has many colors. The sizes are usually square 33.3 x 33.3 cm, although more and more people ask me stoneware paving rectangular shapes, and large formats.

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Tile For Bathroom Floors Ideas

Tiles for Bathroom Floor

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